Solune is now closed, as of October 7, 2017
Many thanks to all of you who supported us since we opened in 2006.


It was was quite a journey and we enjoyed every bit of it, especially meeting each of you and hopefully bringing smiles to your face with our wines.


Cheers to everyone
and all the best!

Whether you are just starting your "histoire d'amour" with wine or have long ago fallen for its many charms, Solune will give you many compelling reasons to continue indulging your fancy in a cordial and "sympathique" ambiance.  We share your passion for this double gift from nature, with Andrea nurturing vines & grapes in our vineyard and Jacques conducting wine fermentation & aging in our winery (and we help each other out, too) to offer you superior wines.

We would be delighted and honored to welcome you to whichever part of our wine adventure may be of interest to you, from vine to glass and anything in between.

You can either start with a leisurely virtual stroll of our website to find out more about our journey before you come over for a visit, or just skip the site altogether and come straight over for a first-hand encounter, with nothing virtual about it. Either way, when you leave, rest assured that the outcome will be the same, involving delighted taste buds and a desire to return for more.