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2013 barbera (Sierra Foothills)


True to the heritage of our long Barbera tradition, this vintage encompases many of the attributes past vintages have become famous for: Low tannin smoothness, cherry and plum flavors, a long and velvety finish, as well as the return of French oak in a discrete supporting role, not to disctract from the intense fruit character of this unique and beloved wine. Pair with smoked salmon, pizza, pasta or anything Italian.

Silver, 2016 Amador County Fair.
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2014 cabernet sauvignon (Sierra Foothills)

This 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon exemplifies Solune’s vision of intensity, complexity, balance and varietal clarity. An expressive nose showcasing notes of cloves, lavender,green pepper and mint, lead into a plum and black cherry mid-palate followed by a lingering pepper and mint finish. Ample but supple tannins and perfectly integrated French oak provide the background. Pair with lamb!

Silver, 2016 Orange County Fair & 2016 El Dorado County Fair
> Price: $24 (750ml) [ Back to Top ]


2012 zinfandel (Sierra Foothills)



Blackberry and blueberry flavors, with a hint of white pepper,​ ​​are showcased in the aroma. Extensive oak trials were​ ​conducted to determine what kind of oak would best​ ​complement this intense fruit, and a rich combination of​ ​American medium toast and French medium/plus toast​ ​was deemed to be the​ ​perfect fit. The mouth is an extended​ ​continuation of these flavors, begging to be paired​ ​with any grilled meat dishes.

Gold, 2016 Orange County Fair.
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2014 merlot (Sierra Foothills)

A Merlot with personality & attitude is how this vintage can be portrayed. The nose displays notes of cinnamon, plum, cherry, bay leaf and wet forest. The mouth exhibits plum, cherry and white pepper flavors, culminating in a long finish supported by French oak and generous but supple tannins. A great match for red meat dishes of any kind.

Gold, 2016 Orange County Fair.
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2013 estate tannat (Sierra Foothills)

Originating from the French Pyrénée foothills near Madiran (south-west), this assertive grape was transplanted to Uruguay by Basque immigrants in the late 1800’s, where it eventually became the national red wine. It has started to make an appearance in California, notably in Solune vineyard's ideal Tannat growing conditions, from which this first vintaged release was harvested. Smoky plum & raspberry flavors, along with a spicy finish, characterize this one-of-a-kind wine.

Double Gold & Best of Class, 2016 Amador County Fair.
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titan xix (Sierra Foothills)

Our Titan series is made one small lot at a time, each a unique winemaker’s blend of premium varietals intended to showcase individual components equally. Our nineteenth Titan combines two contrasting varietals, a smoky raspberry & spicy Tannat, and a dark berry and peppery Zinfandel. Blended such that each has a chance to battle for your attention, they also create a new melody of their own, in true Titan tradition!
> Price: $22 (750ml) [ Back to Top ]


2014 malbec (Alta Mesa)

From the first glance, the deep rich red color captures the attention and sparks your anticipation. Dark cherry, currant and pecan notes emerge from an aromatic background reminiscent of walking in the woods after a rain. In the mouth, the same fruit notes are joined by fine textured tannins and signature cocoa flavors, into the extended finale. True to its Argentinean heritage, this Malbec will pair beautifully with beef (and perhaps even Tango).

Silver, 2016 El Dorado & Orange County fairs.
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cinq etoiles (Sierra Foothills)

This intense blend of traditional Bordeaux varietals reaches a level of complexity only attainable when all five components are present. Those five stars shine brightly in Solune's Cinq Etoiles and blend seamlessly with French Oak into an old world inspired, but new world crafted blend. This multi-layered wine showcases plum, raspberry, coffee and vanilla notes, and is a perfect complement to a “Boeuf Bourguignon”.

Silver, 2015 Amador County Fair.
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PEtite Cab (Sierra Foothills)



You might not think that those two big boys would play well together, but they do complement each other very nicely. The Petite Sirah adds texture and dark berry notes to the Cabernet Sauvignon's somewhat more austere complexity. A bit like adding a bass line to anchor an intricate melody, rich oak accents completes this dynamic trio.
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reserve estate tempranillo (Sierra Foothills)



This is a Reserve rendition of our first Estate Tempranillo, a "historical" blend of four Solune vintages (2009 to 2012), but coming from the more intense and "muscular" press fractions and aged to perfection. Notes of cinnamon toast and vanilla bean come through on the nose. In the mouth, bright flavors of plum, cranberry and pomegranate are revealed over a background of American oak and firm but approachable tannins leading to an extended finish.
> Price: $25 (750ml) [ Back to Top ]



Blending the Petite Sirah flavor profiles from four different vineyards creates a remarkable synergy we term PSynergy. The result is a very rich and approachable blend where dark berry notes dominate, with texture support from fine grain tannins and well integrated French and American oak.
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sweet dream (Sierra Foothills)    



Leading-edge sweet wines are now crisp and lively, and our Sweet Dream is a prime example of this re-invented style,featuring a flavorful off-dry blend of fruit forward Barbera and Zinfandel. A slighty sweet start introducing cherry, and blackberry burst gives way to a refreshing finish interlaced with subtle oak notes. Will appeal to all wine lovers, from the casual to the serious afficionado.

Silver, 2016 El Dorado County Fair.
> Price: $25 (750ml) [ Back to Top ]


P.O.S.H. Port  (Sierra Foothills)

There are a number of possible origins for the term P.O.S.H. (our favorite one starts with the word “Port”). However, no matter what the correct origin is, “classy” is its meaning and perfectly fits this blend of New World (Barbera & Petite Sirah) and Old World (Tempranillo & Touriga Nacional) varietals coming together to continue Solune's unique Port style. Each component plays a very specific role towards the complexity, intensity and, most importantly, harmony of this very stylish wine. Bright opening notes of cherry & raspberry burst in your mouth, leading to a silky mouthfeel as well as a balanced, lingering and refreshing finish (no syrupiness).   We do not over-ripen the fruit used in this port, thereby eliminating the pruny/raisiny character found in many ports.   Finally, the 18.8% alcohol level is close to the 18% lower limit for ports and, as a result, the fruit is the star, without the usual alcohol "after-burn" found in the finish of higher alcohol (>20%) ports !

Pairs wonderfully with dark chocolate or a blue-veined cheese.

Double Gold  & Best of Class, 2014 El Dorado County Fair; Silver, 2014 Orange County Fair.
> Price: $21 (750ml) [ Back to Top ]  


S E E - T H R O U G H


2015 grenache/malbec ROSÉ (Sierra Foothills)

A bit "out-of-the-box", our 2015 Grenache/Malbec Dry Rosé nevertheless delivers the refreshing acidity, exuberant fruit and vibrant color our previous vintages have been renowned for.  Familiar plum and cherry notes are still showcased as well as a lingering and crisp finish. It is still a wine with true panache, perfect by itself or supremely versatile at the table, and truly the red wine lover’s white wine!

Gold, 2016 El Dorado Fair.
> Price: $22 (750ml) [ Back to Top ]



A long awaited return of one of our favorite varietals. This new edition is even more enticing than our offering of several years ago. Think of tropical fruit notes combined with the traditional grassiness of a perfect Sauvignon Blanc (Jacques' favorite style).

Gold, 2015 Orange County Fair.
> Price: $20 (750ml) [ Back to Top ]


fleur de lune (Sierra Foothills)

The interplay on the palate between these intense and sensuous varietals evokes an M.C. Escher optical illusion, where each takes the foreground in turn. Quite intriguing! Returning in a slightly more prominent role is Flora, a Gewurztraminer & Semillon vine crossing (created by Dr. Harold Olmo and grown at the original Olmo vineyard, near Davis, CA). Floral aromas, as well as peach & apricot flavors tease your senses. Crafted in an off-dry style, where the initial sweetness is perfectly balanced and then overtaken by the crisp acidity, leading to a refreshing finish.
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Torrontés is Argentina’s principal white varietal, offering a wonderful Gewurztraminer-like character. Flora is a crossing between Gewurztraminer and Semillon. Therefore, those two varietals are natural allies and are begging to be blended together, and our Florrontés is an expression of this concept. The Gewürztraminer-like notes of orange and peach overlay, with a soft spicy floral background are complemented with citrusy notes from the Flora and its own Gewurztraminer character from its lineage. On the palate, the absence of any sweetness is the big surprise. Crisp acidity and firm structure carry the delicate citrusy flavors gracefully, leading to a clean, refreshing finish. Serve with a selection of mild cheeses on the patio or, for dinner, sea bass with tropical fruit salsa.

Gold, 2014 Orange County Fair.
> Price: $20 (750ml) [ Back to Top ]


pandora no.3 (Sierra Foothills)

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the "first woman" created by unique gifts from the gods. Our third Pandora is a unique blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc & Sémillon, with each varietal contributing its own distinctive gift to the resulting creation. Sensuous, aromatic & seductive as a legendary myth, this wine will appeal to both Sauvignon Blanc AND Chardonnay lovers. Our best so far!
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