No cute name for our wine club, just generous discounts on great wines!

Also, one reason we have decided to produce a smaller quantity of a larger number of wines rather than the other way around is to have the ability to offer an attractive diversity, not only at the winery but also to our wine club.

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January 2009 Release

January 24 Wine Club Release

Barbera 2006 and Wine Club Exclusive Titan VIII


Dear Wine Club Member:

Plan on visiting the winery on Saturday, January 24th when the two NEW WINE CLUB RELEASES below will be in our tasting lineup for the first time and put aside for you to take home. On that day only, we will have selected appetizers and tasty tidbits paired with these wines, to highlight their versatility.

2005 Titan VIII:  From our signature red blend series, this latest Titan is a rich and deep blend of our opulent Barbera and intense Petite Sirah. This compelling blend is already our favorite. This Titan VIII production is SO limited (25 cases, as for previous Titans) that we cannot guarantee its availability past the release date. We are reserving all of this wine for the wine club release and additional purchases by wine club members.   Retail: $18 (750ml)

2006 Barbera:  Our best yet ! Perfect embodiment of our winemaking vision: Distinctive Wines with Intensity, Complexity, Balance and Varietal Clarity. Even smoother than our celebrated 2004, with a lingering finish and subtle oak, to allow the raspberry/cherry fruit to fully occupy center stage.    Retail: $26 (750 ml)

Your credit card will be charged for the 20% discounted price plus applicable taxes, shipping and packaging. The cost for pickup at the winery, including local sales tax will be $37.80. For our out-of-town members, unless you tell us otherwise, the wines will be shipped according to your prior directions and total cost will include local tax & shipping rates.

Don't forget the friends' benefit for Members: Bring along your friends and out of town visitors to Solune and they will enjoy the benefits of your Wine Club discounts. We are open every weekend from 12 to 5.
Hope to see you on the 24th !

A Votre Santé,

Andrea & Jacques